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[icon] Alice
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Time:07:59 pm
So I guess I have a plurk or something now


I don't really know what it is or what to do, but. um. oh well.

There might have been a point to this post eventually, but I've forgotten.
Also I'm almost done with school! Then I get to go look for jobs and attempt to be a responsible adult
or i just act like a bum again
i'm not quite sure
i could go either way
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Time:03:51 pm
Woahhh so I haven't updated this thing since, like. January. Crazy shit. I have been kind of super busy lately, though.
Ummm so what has happened since January. I kinda fell off the face of the earth rp-wise, and for that I am sorry. I'm done with school in three weeks and then hopefully I can get back into the swing of things (Or I could start looking at jobs and apartments and responsible adult things, but who wants to do that? Nobody, that's who) but for now I will continue to derp all over everything.
I went to anime boston which was pretty fun, except for the fact that my Stocking costume, which I thought was pretty alright, was not as good as I originally thought (Though I'm still proud of it for not having used a pattern) and then I got sick and wasn't able to meet up with Lizzi but other than that, fun. Then there was costume con in NJ last weekend and that was. uh. Actually kind of boring, mostly. Going to a convention where the only person you know is your mother kind of sucks. Also I wasn't really interested in most of the things she wanted to do so I wound up mostly playing pokemon. I beat two gyms, and am currently getting a little fed up with training my giant ice cream cone to beat up dragons. I may or may notput the game down and not pick it up for another couple months. again.
Thennn this week, I'm going to Ohio to visit my grandparents and bringing Matt with me (they want to meet him for some reason) and then I start finals and they never end. By which I mean I am in finals for a month straight. Good times!

Sooo. yes. That is what is going on in the admittedly kind of boring life of Alice.

And then, so that this entry wasn't totally boring and also to give me more things I may or may not ever have the time to finish, Kiss meme! Because Bret posted a thing in _creative, and I remembered that this is a pretty fun meme.

three kisses.
✒ give me one of my characters and one of yours.*
✒ i will write three short snippets and/or ms paint doodles.**
✒ each snippet will feature a kiss.

* Past, Present, DR, whatever. Doesn't have to be one of mine and yours. Whatever!
**Or. However many I feel like.
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Time:03:12 pm
So, I don't think eye doctors like me(Or doctors in general. Or most people, possibly).

I went to get my eyes checked today, since I've been having some trouble seeing recently, and I've been getting some pretty bad eye strain. So, yeah, glasses seemed like they may be in order. so i went in today, complained about the fact that things are blurry and this kinda sucks, and then they told me that I'm dumb and apparently my eyes are fine, and the blurriness and eye strain is a lie.

Then again, I don't know why we're still going to this place. This place has pretty much outright lied to us before (I used to have a really bad lazy eye, and they said I didn't. That's.... kind of a hard thing to deny, too.) But. It was a different doctor, so that doesn't make much sense.

We're going to pick up some reading glasses for the time being, and see if we can't get a second opinion or something. Or just. Stop going to this place altogether.

Eghhhh kind of annoying.
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Time:11:25 am

- $30 amazon gift card.
- Left 4 Dead for xbox.
- ... colored electrical tape???
- Some weird... hoodie... cape... thing. I honestly think it's kind of ugly, but what the hell my aunt is weird.
- two packs of blank artist trading cards.
- adorable zubat plush oh man(Though I actually got this sometime last week I think).

And then Dad got rock band 3 which means that it's kind of for everyone. keyboard is a pretty cool thing, though it's going to take a bit of getting used to.

UMMM so yeah.
Sorry I haven't got cards sent out yet, I will be. doing that ASAP.
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Time:10:38 pm
Hey guys!

So I know I was kind of a butt about it last year(... or whenever the last time I offered to do this was)  BUT I swear I am not going to forget to do it this year.

SO yeah.

I'm going to be sending out cards/drawings/idek stuff over the holidays this year! If you want to get something, you can PM me your address (or e-mail it to me, or IM it to me. whatever you'd prefer)

I promise not to stalk you too much.
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Time:04:25 pm
Pokemon meme thing all in one day because I'm lazy.
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Sketchavember things will be posted eventually. i haven't forgotten about it!
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Subject:sketch 4!
Time:11:19 pm
this is 4, right?

Anyways! This is a tegaki thing that is about half finished.  Pretty happy with what colors I've done, but I'm starting to get tired of looking at it.

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Time:09:27 pm
Day three of sketch thing!

You guys are gonna get really sick of me posting with this, I know it.

Anyways, this was just supposed to be some anatomy practice, and then I got kind of carried away, and the pose makes no sense, but oh well.

picture!Collapse )
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Time:09:40 pm
Soo I'm going to try and do this Sketchavember thing. I apologize to anyone who follows my DA or Tegaki, since most of these are probably going to be tegakis and I'm at least going to try to post things on DA for once, so these will be going up everywhere.

Since I didn't really start it until today(one of these was mostly done yesterday), here are two things.
Two things!Collapse )

Um... other than that, school is existing. It is still eating most of my motivation to do things, so this sketch thing is probably going to fall flat on it's face.
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Time:06:19 pm
HELLO FLIST I am back! camping was wonderful, though i couldn't find a bear or a snake to punch.

But that's okay.

Now, I have a kind of confusing pokemon question.
In my Nuzlocke run of Leaf Green, which I have been terrible about updating comics, I have a golbat. She keeps on starting to evolve, and then stopping halfway through. Crobat is easily one of, if not my favorite pokemon, so there is no way in hell I'm going to touch the B button, and the button isn't broken, she does this on both my DS and my GBA. It shows her beginning to evolve, and then it stops, and just says "..?" and then goes back to whatever I was doing.

The best explanation I can give is that she is either indecisive or she flew headfirst into too many walls in mt. moon and I now have a retarded golbat.

I feel like I might just be missing something obvious, but if I am, then so is everyone else I've asked so far.
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[icon] Alice
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